Let’s do brunch in… Florence

Georgette Jupe is, as her blog says, a Girl in Florence. She’s also the girl who led us to our awesome Notte Bianca experience in Florence, by supplying the only English itinerary I could find online.

An American who’s been living in Florence since 2007, Georgette has a self-diagnosed obsession with food (as I would, if I lived in Italy!), making her a great fit for a guest post about, well, food. I like her blog’s local, not-your-typical-expat approach to everyday life in Florence: its food, wine, culture, humor, language and more. It’s a fun read, and a great resource for anyone Florence-bound—both travelers and immigrants (I won’t say tourists and expats!) alike.

So what does this Girl in Florence have to say about brunch in Florence?

Brunch in Florence is a fairly new concept for Italians, but lately it seems that lunch has become a sort of synonym for ‘brunch’ in the bel paese. While you can find a much wider variety in the “luxury” category of brunches that will set you back from €40-70 in this classically elegant city, the place I normally go is affordable for everyone and has been recently renovated.

The Diner is located steps from Piazza Santa Croce and the Bargello Museum on a small side street far from the crowded mayhem of the nearby busy piazzas.

This institution has been around since 2004 and boasts inside and outside seating, the inside painted a cool deep red and covered in typical American diner garb. It’s owned by the same owners of Acqua al Due (great restaurant) next door, which for this girl is a good sign.

The inside has actually doubled in size since my last visit, which was months ago. A few of the added bonuses are comfy booths, the beautifully arched ceiling and pretty staircase.

For those who just want a break, you will get absolutely no judgment if you just order a coffee. You can chat with a friend for hours on end without any glares from the staff… except maybe during Sunday brunch.

The staff speaks both English and Italian, and as you can imagine, this joint is extremely popular with the American students studying in Florence. That being said, you will also find yourself amongst a number of Italians looking for a “big American brunch” and a relaxing, cozy atmosphere located in the center of town.

They have an upstairs area for people who are eating alone, or want to just take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. I found this area especially charming and perfect for someone who just wants to relax over a cup of coffee and read a book.

I recommend having a “breakfast for dinner” night, since the dinner hour seems to attract less people.  They also have specialty menus during typical American holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. They usually offer free coffee on Wednesdays.

On this particular occasion, I opted for the “full English breakfast” complete with two eggs, sausage, bacon, salad, and toast. They have a pretty awesome menu; new additions include combo breakfast platters, all sorts of eggs Benedict, burgers, do-it-yourself omelets, proper milkshakes, turkey bacon and jacket potatoes with cheddar cheese. I am drooling yet again just writing that down, even though I pretty much consumed a heart attack on a plate, woops.

The bagels usually come with a side salad and a bewildering addition of jam. Not quite sure why jam is included, since I doubt that it has suddenly become a salad topping or meant to be added with salmon & cream bagels.

Mind you all of the prices are economical, ranging from about €5-9 for entrees. This is one place in Florence that won’t break the bank for lunch or dinner.

The Diner
Via dell’Acqua, 2
50100 Florence, Italy
Daily from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.

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