Let’s do brunch in… Copenhagen

Camera in one hand and toddler in another, Danish photographer Birgitte Brøndsted shares her passion for photography and travel on her blog, A Dusty Olive Green. Birgitte and I both attended The Hive; although we never met in person, I was officially hooked after I saw Birgitte’s Berlin photos on her blog.

This lucky lady has made her home in two of Italy’s most stunning cities (formerly Rome, now Florence), but today she invites us all to join her for brunch in her hometown of Copenhagen. I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen, but until that day comes, Birgitte’s lovely photos will just have to do.

Read on and happy brunching!

First of all you should know that when it comes to brunch, Copenhagen is the place. You can literally have brunch in almost every single cafe in Copenhagen (there are many cafes in the Danish capital), and it is difficult to have a really bad brunch in Copenhagen.

So in order to choose a place for you, I decided to go with the recommendation of online Copenhagener guide aok.dk, which asks its readers every year to vote for the best places within different categories. And according to its readers, Copenhagen’s best brunch place for 2012 ist The Laundromat Cafe in Nørrebro.

Nørrebro is a really charming area with lots of great shops and cafes just outside the traditional center of Copenhagen. Elmegade, the street where you find The Laundromat Cafe, is full of alternative little shops and eateries.

Brunch is only served during weekends at the Laundromat Cafe, but on weekdays you can have a smaller version of the traditional brunch. There are three different kinds, which means that there is something for everyone, including vegetarians. The great thing about brunch at The Laundromat Cafe is that you have several options instead of just one plate.

First of all you can choose between the three ordinary brunches which are Clean Brunch/Vegetarian (pancakes, scrambled eggs, potatoes, homemade chocolate cream – which is addictive!- grilled tomatoe, hummus and more), Dirty Brunch (which includes the traditional bacon and sausages) and a Children’s Brunch, which is of course a little smaller and more child friendly.

If  you think something is missing from your brunch plate, you can choose one of the five side orders—which among other things include a fruit plate and Greek yoghurt with fruit, maple syrup and muesli.

The Laundromat Cafe is a funny place and very cozy. You can actually do your laundry in the back of the cafe while you eat, and it’s a great place to hang out especially on warm summer days when you can make good use of the many tables outside. This is a very local place where you can be quite sure not to bump into other tourists. Service can be a little slow; on the other hand, prices are quite good for Copenhagen standards.

I want to stress that The Laundromat Cafe is just one out of many, many great brunch places in Copenhagen. You should also try brunch at Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus  just a few steps away from Elmegade, in Sankt Hans Torv. In the center of Copenhagen, brunch is famous at Cafe Europa and at Nimb.

The Laundromat Cafe
Elmegade 15
Copenhagen N

Lovely comments:

  1. Yeah it’s a good place – and for people with babies – they love babies and boobs so no problems if you want to breastfeed either!

  2. Hmmm lovely brunch! And I agree that Nørrebro is really charming. So many small shops around & some cool flea markets too…