Milan: Beautiful city, beautiful people

Even without the excitement of the Salone del Mobile, Milan is a beautiful city to explore. With our most comfortable walking shoes on, my #blago2014 travel buddies and I pounded Milanese pavement for hours, passing by some of the city’s most iconic sights along the way.

Milan Duomo and Galleria wide angle

Oh my DSLR and wide-angle lens, how I’ve missed you! I love my little Sony point-and-shoot, but it would never let me get the immense Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II in a single shot…

Milan Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II

or to capture the Galleria from head to toe, for that matter.

Speaking of head to toe, Milan’s beautiful and stylishly dressed citizens sure know how to steal attention away from its stunning architecture.

Milan people-watching hipster carabinieri

I secretly love to people-watch, and Milan’s unique flair makes my little pastime a true pleasure.

From a pop of hot pink on a hipster carabinieri to the elegant tailoring of an elderly doorman, there’s no shortage of details to surprise and delight.

Milan people-watching elderly door man

Every city has its obsession. In Amsterdam, people are glued to their bikes; in Antwerp, everyone has gorgeous outerwear. The Milanese? They take their shoes very, very seriously.

Milan people-watching shoes

As a midget in a land of giants, I sure could use a few extra inches. But I will never, ever resort to platform sneakers. I just don’t get them. Not even if they’re the pricey, sought-after Hogans that the Milanese (and according to Kat, the Italians in general) seem to be obsessed with at the moment. Those red velvet platforms, though, are just dreamy.

Milan people-watching woman on bicycle

More than just shoes, the Milanese are serious about looking good in general. Even on wheels.

Milan people-watching long foosball table

They’re serious about football…

Milan Eataly

and they sure are serious about food, as I discovered when I stepped into Eataly, a gastronomic megastore boasting 5,000 square meters and four storeys of artisanal, locally sourced food products.

Dammit. How can they eat so well and still look so good? It must be an Italian thing. Or maybe it’s just Milan!

Lovely comments:

  1. WOMAN! You forgot to mention how I ABHOR Hogan shoes. hahaha.. but I adore your shots, those memories and heck that lens is kick-ass, like new eyes, wide-angle eyes. can’t wait to hang again with you guys. love xo